Compliance sheet

I, ­__________________________________________________________ the student of Osh International Medical University (hereinafter – OIMU), realizing my responsibility for the realization of the University mission, considering it my duty to maintain and develop corporate culture and image of OIMU as one of the leading centers of medical personnel training, seeking to form in OIMU the system of democratic relations between students, staff and administration of the university, I accept this Code of Academic Honesty, and undertake to strictly comply with the Charter of OIMU, Rules of Internal Conduct, Rules of Residence and also strictly perform their academic duties, not to allow ethical, academic and legal violations, including:
– plagiarism;
– forgery;
– use of cheat sheets, copying and hints at all stages of different forms of knowledge control;
– the use of kinship or service relationships to obtain a higher grade;
– bribery;
– cheating and disrespecting the teacher;
– unexcused absences and tardiness.

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