Doctor of Medicine (MD/MBBS)

General medicine programme (Equivalent to MBBS in British commonwealth countries)  takes five years. The first two years are spent learning theoretical and pre-clinical subjects, the other years of the course focus on clinical subjects.

The programme incorporates the classical teaching model in order to develop a firm foundation in basic sciences before entering the clinical field.

Students get opportunity to practice in State hospitals of Osh city and benefit from early interaction with patients through visits to general practices.

The study follows recommended study plans. These plans are based on the field’s accreditation but their content and structure is evaluated so as to reflect progress in knowledge as well as experiences and views of teachers and students.

To achieve required number of credits, students have to register not only for mandatory but also facultative subjects. Facultative, i.e. optional, subjects are regularly analyzed and modified. Their requirements are also re-assessed. Students can pass facultative subjects only if they meet certain concrete theoretical and practical requirements.

Osh International Medical University follows Bologna process declaration and has adopted European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The Doctor of Medicine (MBBS) programme corresponds to EU standards and professional requirements set for doctors. The obtained degree is in line with European labor market requirements (European comparative degree system).

Integrated Learning

The integrated program of medical studies in English has been modernized with certain content, methodological approaches and educational strategies that characterize Osh International Medical University a reformed medical university in Central Asia and around the world. In teaching, contemporary and innovative methodological approaches are applied: student‐oriented teaching, problem‐based learning (PBL) and teaching in small groups. The horizontal and vertical integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes is performed through the subject “Clinical Rotations” when the student has the possibility to stay in health institutions/hospitals. In this way, students are able to learn about health system.

International Medical Career

Join our international medical community where classes are taught in English by experienced professors and medical doctors. Your degree will allow you to work as a Doctor in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad. Osh International Medical University is Internationally accredited. It is listed with World directory of Medical schools and participates in Bologna process declaration, collaborates in education and research with partner Universities worldwide.

Innovative & Active Teaching

Curriculum is enhanced by a wide variety of active learning methods based on a student-centered approach (Problem-Based Learning, Case method, Concept maps, Simulated patients, training in hospital wards).

Clinical Experience

Direct clinical experience is supported by a solid tutoring system and starts in your second year, which gives you considerable practical experience. Osh International Medical University prepares its students to thrive in the clinical and research areas in Kyrgyz Republic or overseas. Osh International Medical University is affiliated with State hospitals of Osh city for clinical training of its students.

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