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The integrated program of medical studies in English has been modernized with certain content, methodological approaches and educational strategies that characterize Osh International Medical University a reformed medical university in Central Asia and around the world. In teaching, contemporary and innovative methodological approaches are applied: student‐oriented teaching, problem‐based learning (PBL) and teaching in small groups. The horizontal and vertical integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes is performed through the subject “Clinical Rotations” when the student has the possibility to stay in health institutions/hospitals. In this way, students are able to learn about health system.

Join our international medical community where classes are taught in English by experienced professors and medical doctors. Your degree will allow you to work as a Doctor in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.
Osh International Medical University is Internationally accredited. It is listed with World directory of Medical schools and participates in Bologna process declaration, collaborates in education and research with partner Universities worldwide.

Curriculum is enhanced by a wide variety of active learning methods based on a student-centered approach (Problem-Based Learning, Case method, Concept maps, Simulated patients, training in hospital wards).

Direct clinical experience is supported by a solid tutoring system and starts in your second year, which gives you considerable practical experience. Osh International Medical University prepares its students to thrive in the clinical and research areas in Kyrgyz Republic or overseas. Osh International Medical University is affiliated with State hospitals of Osh city for clinical training of its students.

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We offer a range of training packages in a range of subject areas and can offer blended learning opportunities to best meet your needs. If sitting in a room with a trainer and having the opportunity for discussion with other learners sounds good to you then we can offer this.


Foremost I would like to thank Osh International Medical University (OshIMu) for helping me to get Medical Education in Kyrgyzstan. I am very grateful to Dr. Muhammad Aftab Naseeb for assisting me throughout the admission process and for solving all my queries which i had been uncertain about. I knew OshIMU is a very good University and my parents are also satisfied with it. I am entirely satisfied with the service of OshIMU and Dr. Muhammad Aftab Naseeb and thank them for the great support.

Muhammad Usama

I have completed my 12th from Kuwait. I was wondering from where I can do my MBBS program then I came to know about Osh International Medical University (OshIMU) through one of my relative whose daughter took admission in Osh International Medical University (OshIMU) in Kyrgyzstan. After knowing about this I had contacted them and got a clear picture of MBBS program in Kyrgyzstan, I made my mind to join OshIMU. This was the best decision of my life. I have joined Osh International Medical University in Kyrgyzstan and I am really obliged for OshIMU help making my dream come true.

Hadiyah Waseem

My dreams of becoming a doctor were quite impossible in Pakistan only because of tough entrance exam system for Govt. Medical Colleges and huge amount of donation system for Private Medical Colleges. But Osh International Medical University (OshIMU) helped me to fulfill my dream to be a Doctor. Now I am a student of MBBS here, which is an International platform of quality Medicine study. Thanks to OshIMU.

Muhammad Zaheer

Studying abroad is always a big decision to make but after joining Osh International Medical University for MBBS I took a breath of relief that yes I made a good decision by choosing OshIMU. I would like to thank OshIMU for helping me take a right decision.

Muhammad Tahir

I am currently studying my MBBS 1st year at Osh International Medical University (OshIMU). Without a doubt I believe it is one of the best decisions I have made. Osh International Medical University is an amazing institution with an exceptional course in medicine. The professors are friendly and are available for one-on-one question and answer sessions, as well as extra classes for groups of students.

Marhamah Sohail

The classes are small and I am able to receive one-on-one or small group instruction, if needed, which is an invaluable resource in such an in-depth and challenging field of study. The studies here are engaging and stimulating, but I find the people of the OshIMU community to be most interesting. I love being surrounded by so many brilliant and talented individuals from all over the world.

Ahmed Raza

Osh International Medical University has provided me with up to date Medical curriculum and real clinical patient experience at health fairs and the local hospital, as well as hands-on anatomical experience.

Sabtain Nasar

I have a long road ahead and it is nice to know that I have advisors with backgrounds similar to my own that I can go to for guidance. Last but not the least I would like to thank Osh International Medical University for the Guidance and Education given to me all the way from making a decision to join OshIMU and being a torch bearer throughout my career here.

Khushnood Malik

1st year in Osh International Medical University prepared me to face the world as a proud to be future graduate . The high standard of education is equivalent to those of any European University. The quality of life is both comfortable and affordable… I literally live in paradise here!

Muhammad Arslan Latif

OshIMU’s worldwide recognition, World Class teaching and Research work guiding me to be a good doctor, Today I am studying in Osh International Medical University with a great satisfaction.”
When I first came to OshIMU which is considered to be the top medical university in Kyrgyzstan, I had realized the fact that studying here will definitely shape up my future and make me a good doctor. It has been a awesome experience coming to Kyrgyzstan, it is a fantastic feeling to be there, it’s beautiful and definitely one of the best place in the world to live. People in Kyrgyzstan are very kind, good, helping and they always treat Foreigners warmly. I am enjoying one of the good hostel facilities, study environment and more importantly university’s teaching faculty is excellent. I would like say thanks to OshIMU for accepting me in such a good university. It’s a good experience living in Kyrgyzstan.

Shahroz Jamal

Osh International Medical University is a University that I would definitely recommend to anyone hoping to pursue a career in medicine. The Education they provided for their students is simply outstanding and the genuine interest and care towards us students is obvious and incomparable. I am glad to have chosen OshIMU in pursuit of my medical career and it is one that I will never forget.

Bilal Ali

My dream of studying medicine became true thanks to Osh International Medical University and it’s team. I cannot be happier without the Education they have given me through their latest system of education. They have been very helpful in the transition from Pakistan to Kyrgyzstan, from accommodation to settling in. Thank you Osh International Medical University and it’s Team.

Kainat Ahsan

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